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Before a case is filed with the Civil/Real Estate Division of the 36th District Court, there are a number of steps a landlord must take before a tenant can be evicted. Under the law, tenants can be evicted for not paying their rent, damage to the property, violation of written lease provisions, or for no reason as long as it doesn't violate the law.Tennant, 28, told jurors she began dating Ekbatani — a former athlete at South High School in Torrance — a short time before his accident and that she was impressed when she first saw him.“He walks in and he looks perfect,” she said. She said she accepted, but that no wedding date was ever set.She said the two lived together and that she gave up many freelance job opportunities to take him to the hospital for his numerous surgeries.But if you don’t leave enough time between tenants, you could have a really messy situation on your hands if the old tenant is still there when the new tenant plans to move in. If you can leave a month between tenants to make sure they’re out and to give you plenty of time to ready the place for the new tenants, you’ve greatly reduced the problem of not having your rental ready for new tenants on move-in day.Many renters wouldn’t even want to get involved in a landlord-tenant situation that starts out so rocky. But if you don’t want to lose a month’s rent, although the situation can be risky, you can take steps to help ensure your tenants won’t become unwanted holdover tenants when the lease is up. To be sure about your own case, you would need to check your state laws or check with a local attorney. Can a decision of the court be appealed by either party?

Ekbatani’s lawyer, Garo Mardirossian, said the intersection is considered “skewed” because Diamond Street crosses PCH at a diagonal so severe that Caltrans is obligated to take extra precautions to protect motorists.He said motorists traveling south on PCH go up a gradual incline that does not allow them to fully view oncoming traffic until they reach the intersection and that the roadway would be safer with a left-turn signal.Attorneys for the state say the intersection is safe and that the taxi driver’s careless driving caused the accident. I felt really good about who he was.”Tennant testified that Ekbatani proposed to her in December 2013.The way you make money as a landlord is to have tenants.So naturally, you want to reduce vacancy time as much as possible.

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In the below sneak peek, Rollins gets an assignment from Lt. Carisi can't go, he's got an interview with…the district attorney's office in Brooklyn. And for the record, I like artisanal pickles," Carisi admits. Last season viewers found out Carisi past the bar exam and could in fact switch sides and practice law, but Scanavino told us he was staying put."Carisi is going to stay a police officer because he says, ‘I took an oath to serve and protect.' I think he really believes that. I think he really does see the squad as a family and if anything means anything to Carisi it's family.

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The stock market is a hassle-free way to make a lot of money quickly in Grand Theft Auto V.

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You can save the video to your phone or a micro SD card (a 16GB card is included), broadcast live or both.

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Vaughn Rasberry — and the couple are expecting their first child, PEOPLE confirms.