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But once Francis (Toby Regbo) extended his blessing to Mary’s desire to look for love and companionship outside of their political union, Mary and Conde’s passion was hot and furious, if not as discreet as hoped. So we just kind of want to work together more — like one line that just sling at each other and just be as bitchy at each other as we possibly can. She’s so incredibly brilliant and totally spontaneous.

But like all passions that erupt from a burning fire, it burnt a bit too bright and it died down all too soon once the harsh realities of their precarious political positions intervened. All I want to do, going forward, is if I get to work with her more, it would be great. (Laughs) I think it might be more one-sided than the other. SEAN: I know, but there’s thinks that aren’t in the show that were originally that gives a bigger picture than what the audience gets because we have to trim it down and fit it into this slot. I think there was a massive misconstruing or miscommunication about the whole Conde-Mary relationship after the rape that occurred. We needed to understand what the reasoning for it was to play it.

At the recent CBS Summer Soiree event, stars Adelaide Kane and talked about what Season 3 holds in store for their characters Queen Mary and Prince Louis and the ramifications of their tortured romance. It’s going to be good, and with any luck I’ll have a little bit more time off and I’ll actually be able to make my yoga classes. She’s got Lola in her sights and if she steps wrong, I think she’ll be quick to put that royal foot down. The thought of anybody leaving makes my heart pound. Mostly because I’m the only who can’t and if they all abandon me, I’ll be all alone and by myself! So it was a weird miscommunication that irked me slightly because Conde was not taking advantage of a rape victim. She was totally loved by Francis, but the relationship was so fractured, she couldn’t see that, and he loved her dearly. SEAN: Obviously, I didn’t do a good enough job at what I was trying to portray.

Adelaide Kane Mary had a tumultuous year and yet, in the end, she end up on top in many ways and with Francis by her side, which had fans cheering. It will be nice to play with my cat instead of just dragging him to work. One of the exciting things is when we get to see Mary and Catherine (Megan Follows) at odds. ADELAIDE: I’m going to miss out face-to-face sass contests. So it could be in the realm of possibility now with Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) now off who knows where. But I think she is quite happy to let Lola find her own way. But she did let him live, which is an ambiguous choice to make. So he was patient, he was totally understanding about how it was not the right time for them. People were adamant that Conde had taken advantage of her and I think that that was unfair.

Sean, who is from Britain, has been currently living in L.

Their romance blossomed out of the most terrifying circumstances, after Louis helped Mary track down and killed her attackers. Megan is directing a bit next season, and the few scenes that we had last season were quite big family scenes and so emotional and so much fun.

She was born in Perth, Western Australia and she grew up there. Hinds's Anglican School for Girls and completed her high schooling from there.

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Hopefully, Toby and I have some more bickering scenes. Your co-star Torrance always likes to stir things up and he teased that there still could be something between Bash and Mary. At this point, would Mary want to welcome Kenna back or is she thinking that Kenna may have gone to far having slept with a man hanged for treason? I’m really surprised that Mary has forced Lola to marry and move out sooner. I thought for sure Mary would have put him expeditiously to rest at some point last season. I always had a sense that after Conde met Mary and fell in love that everything he did was out of love.

Her boyfriend is from Britain and he is currently living in Los Angeles.

Before, Sean she was in a relationship with Conor Paolo (2011-2013), Toby Regbo (2013-2014) and Ian Bohen.

Adelaide Kane hasn’t got married yet, but currently, she dating her boyfriend Sean Teale.

They first met each other on the set of television show Regin.

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If you want to think about dating as a numbers game (and apparently many people do), you could probably swipe left/right between 10 – 100 times in the span of time that it would take you to interact with one potential date in ‘real-life’.

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